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Our directory showcases a select group of dedicated individuals who have earned certification from the International Surfing Association (ISA) as judges and coaches. These certified professionals play a crucial role in shaping the future of surfing and ensuring its continued growth and development.

Importance of certification


Standardized Expertise

ISA certification signifies that these judges and coaches have undergone  training and evaluation, adhering to internationally recognized standards. This ensures a consistent and high level of expertise in surfing competitions and coaching methods.



 ISA-certified coaches are well-versed in safety protocols and techniques, reducing the risk of accidents in the water. 


Fair Judging

ISA-certified judges are trained to evaluate surfing competitions objectively and impartially. Their expertise helps maintain fairness in scoring, which is essential for the integrity of the sport.


Skills Development

Certified coaches possess a deep understanding of surfing techniques and training methodologies. They can guide surfers, from beginners to advanced athletes, in honing their skills and reaching their full potential.


Internationally Recorgnized

ISA certification is globally recognized, making it easier for surfers and event organizers to identify qualified judges and coaches, whether they are at home or abroad.

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Certification demonstrates a commitment to professionalism within the surfing community. ISA-certified individuals uphold a code of ethics, promoting positive sportsmanship and respect.

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