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PLOM is planning to launch an annual surfing championship, touring different surf spots in Malaysia. The competitions will be run by state association or surf clubs and will be sanctioned by PLOM.  The main objective of this is to choose the best surfers to represent Malaysia in big international events and a first step to train our athletes to reach to Olympic level. The participating surfers will collect points and the highest ranked points in each category throughout the season will be crowned the winners at the end of the tour. 

Malaysia Surf League

Only State associations registered clubs are eligible to run Malaysia Surf league contests

The participating event organizer must obtain proper event licensing by KBS

The participating event must comply to competition standard

  • ISA certified head judge

  • ISA judging & rule book standard

Only surf clubs' registered individuals are eligible to be in the Malaysia Surf league contests national ranking

The participating event must be sanctioned by PLOM

The top performing surfers from each state are encouraged to travel & compete with the help of the respective state association.

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